Inter-Island Freight

Inter Island Freight
Island Freight ships dry, chilled, and frozen items to and from inter-island ports

Some of our customers include hotels, construction companies, retailers, grocers, restaurants, convenience stores, wholesalers & distributors. Shipping route destinations are listed below.
• Maui to Oahu • Oahu to Maui • Kauai to Oahu
• Maui to Kauai • Oahu to Kauai • Kauai to Maui

Consolidated Containerized Shipping

Through consolidated containerized shipping, freight is shipped to and from Oahu, Maui, & Kauai in secured containers. There is also no exposure to outdoor elements, as your freight is securely placed in a consolidated container. We also permit loose freight shipments, where as residential or commercial customers ship their loose freight items in full or partial containers.

Pick-up & Delivery To & From Young Brothers

Door to door pick-up and delivery service- Island Freight will pick up freight from Young Brothers, consolidated it into our delivery trucks, and have it delivered to your door or pick up freight from your door, consolidate it into our containers and have it delivered to Young Brothers.